11 June 2007

Colorado vs. Finland

Via MR, I see a pointer to this map of U.S. states renamed for countries with similar GDPs. Colorado, with a GDP of $196B, matches Finland (which ranks 35th in the world) and comes in 24th among the states. Other fun factoids:

  • California, with the biggest state GDP ($2.15T) corresponds to France, 8th worldwide.
  • Wyoming comes in last among the states and has the same GDP as Uzbekistan ($11B, 101st worldwide).
  • Brazil, currently my favorite country to be obsessed with for a variety of reasons, ranks 17th worldwide and has a GDP of $621B, which it shares with New York (7th in U.S.).

And some fun Finland-Colorado comparisons:

Finland: 130,558 sq mi (9.4% covered in water)
Colorado: 104,185 sq. mi. (0.36% water-covered)

Finland: pop. 5,238,460 (40 people/square mile)
Colorado: pop. 4,665,177 (41.5 people/square mile)

Finland: 113 murders in 2006
Colorado: 173 murders in 2005

Finland: 22.5 gallons (85 litres) of beer consumed per person, per year
Colorado: 33.4 gallons

Finland: 7.2% unemployment rate (04/2007)
Colorado: 3.5% (04/2007)

Finland: ~1.1 million cows
Colorado: 4.1 million

Finland: 2 official languages (Finnish, Swedish)
Colorado: 1

Finland: granted women's suffrage in 1905 (first major European country)
Colorado: granted in 1893 (fifth state in US, first to grant by popular vote)